Evel Knievel Taught Me “Do What You Say”

Evel Knievel tried to leap the Snake River. He made $20 million.

Evel Knievel tried to leap the Snake River. He made $20 million.

One of the most impressive qualities you can develop as an effective leader is the ability to do what you say you will do. As a kid during the 70’s, I first learned about real integrity from Evel Knievel — an American daredevil and international icon. Watching Evel on ABC’s Wide World of Sports taught me that integrity matters the most. “Do what you say you’re gonna do” is the motto Evel Knievel lived by.

Evel has said, “You have to have a dream. You’ve got to get out from where you’re at and realize your dream with that someone you love.”

Evel was one of the good guys. My brother met him once at a bar in Hollywood. He was so excited to see his idol that he raced up to Evel and promptly spilled his drink on him. Evel was incredibly gracious, offering to buy him another drink.

Evel Knievel said it best, “You can’t say you’re going to jump the Grand Canyon and then jump some other canyon.”

Your word means something.

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