How To ‘Bring It’ Like A Google Glass Innovator

Giuseppe Costantino /

Giuseppe Costantino /

I find myself drawn to the outsiders — people who push boundaries and carve their own paths.

I admire people who step out and take chances.

I recently read about why Continuous Improvement May Need To Be Discontinued. I appreciate the nuances between innovation, imitation and ‘Git-R-Done’.

I first learned about ‘Git-R-Done’ from my high school gym teacher coach Bob Gregg. Larry The Cable Guy might have come up with the catchphrase, but coach Gregg lived it.

Coach Gregg would set up obstacle courses in the gym for us to jump over — five feet high stacks of wood boxes, metal chairs and gym mats. He’d yell, “My pet monkey can jump higher than you.” I always wanted to meet his pet monkey, but never did. Reflecting back, it got me thinking about jumping obstacles and not being concerned with the outcome. No planning, just go for it.

Notice a theme here?

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