Leaders Can Learn a Lot From Lorde

Lorde - Royals

Lorde – Royals

I’ve been watching Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways show on HBO. Grohl has also collaborated with Lorde. I tell you, their music really inspires me. Take your inspiration from where you can get it, right? I guess I’ve always identified with artists. I worked on Showtime’s The Chris Isaak Show up in Vancouver a few years ago. We’d go surf on Vancouver island on the weekends. Memories.. Anyways, I love songs that have great “hooks”. They draw you in. They’re memorable. And they inspire. I saw Donnie Iris (Ah! Leah!) when I was a kid. I also saw The Gap Band in concert as a kid (You Dropped A Bomb On Me), Joan Jett (Do You Wanna Touch Me), AC/DC, Ozzy. There were many others, but I remember them the most. They had a big impact on me.

Lorde’s Royals is equally awesome. Lorde has drawn her inspiration from some unique places, like a conversation between Mae West and Dick Cavett. Lorde’s inspiration for Royals came from Kansas City Royals baseball player George Brett signing baseballs.

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